FO Alert: Pallas Athene

The pattern re-testing continues with Pallas Athene! As the first pattern I ever designed, I've knit this one more than any of my others. This time around I used a deep stash skein of silver SeaSilk to tie into the art deco design. The yarn's natural shine and the silver color pair well with the geometric design inspired by Gustav Klimt's iconic style.

Pallas Athene is a great beginner pattern as the lace pattern is easy to "read" or visualize as you're working it, along with plenty of rest rows of stockinette in between each chart. There are two sizes available to maximize your yarn usage, alternating between square and spiral motifs. To finish off, an openwork edging is bound off with loopy i-cord to lend some softness to the right angles. The pattern contains both charted and written instructions, including stitch counts indicated on the charts for the long runs of stockinette so you don't have to count empty boxes!

Both the pattern and the shawl are available now in the shop!

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