After turning the heel...

 Once I've knit the heel flap, turned the heel, and picked up the gusset stitches, I like to change the location of my magic loops. I typically use a spare needle to do this because when you have two socks on one needle, there are stitches that need to hop to the other needle and the second sock is in the way.

So when it comes time to decrease the gusset, I will work the first half of the stitches of the next round of sock one with a second needle, then work all the stitches of sock two with my current needle, then using my new needle, finish the stitches of sock one. 

The loops of my magic loop were dividing my sock front and back (top and bottom of the foot) but now there are so many more gusset stitches on back/bottom than the front/top. So I find the middle of the heel (which is now the new beginning of the round) and the center of the top, and pull my loops out there. On the next round, I will knit the first sock back onto the original needle to recombine for two-at-a-time, and my socks now look like this as I decrease for the gusset.

I'll keep my loops where they are for the rest of my knitting, but I'll need to switch them back to top/bottom when kitchenering the toe together. I do like the way my progress photos will look now though for the rest of the sock. Something about the way the heel turn looks like this just makes me really happy 😊

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