FO Alert: Hearthside Even Flow

Does anyone remember the Dolman Top I knit last year? It wasn't a good look for me, and I originally had a different plan for the yarn (Evergreen Fiber Works Hemlock Sock in the colorway Hearthside) anyway. So late last year, I ripped out the Dolman Top, and rewound it with plans to knit Even Flow by Joji Locatelli.

I'm glad I decided to re-knit this yarn with a more suitable pattern! This stitch pattern works perfectly with this chromatic variegated colorway.

The construction of this sweater was fun as well. After working the body in the main stitch pattern, you pick up the collar and fronts, working one side of the cardi fronts at a time to make the fronts wider than the collar part. Additionally, you work several rows of tuck stitch to bunch up the collar as a design feature to help the collar and fronts to lie flat.

Absolutely loved knitting this sweater and I can already tell it's going to get a lot of wear! 


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