Sleeve Island

So now I know why I typically knit my sweaters with elbow-length sleeves. Aside from the fact that I just prefer that sleeve length and I usually end up pushing up any sleeves longer than that, I feel like I am in sleeve knitting purgatory right now knitting these long sleeves. I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking, but ya know, I'm almost done so I shall persevere.

I always knit anything that comes in pairs two at a time. Partially for expediency, because the idea of finishing one sleeve and then having to do the whole dang thang over again is pretty irritating. But also because I want to have identical matching results, regardless of any blip I may have in counting increases or patterning.

So for my sleeves, I am in the process of just knitting the final few dozen rows before shaping the sleeve cap and it just seems interminable. I'm just whining, it'll be done soon 😩

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