Pacific Cabled Sweater Begins

Swatching and measuring complete, I cast on a new sweater last night.
I noticed a beautiful cabled sweater while idly watching Bones last month, and decided I needed to make something comparable for myself.
My very dear friend Valerie and her business partner Pamela of Evergreen Fiber Works posted a new colorway that was exactly what I was looking for. Combined with an anniversary sale and celebrating a new job, I was able to procure a sweater quantity (in this case a safe 6 skeins) of Cedar Sock for my cabled dream.
I had to wind that up almost the minute it arrived, it is so gorgeous! And then it was time to swatch. While waiting the (very short) time for my yarn to arrive, I had settled on this cable pattern for the center panel. I'm not feeling up to doing an allover cable pattern like the inspiration picture, but a nice bold center panel suits me nicely. My brain doesn't like written instructions, though, so I converted it into a chart (click the image below to expand and download!) and proceeded to swatch.
I have upwards of 15 unused CustomFit credits, so swatching is a must to generate the pattern. That done, I plugged in the variables and presto! Custom sweater pattern. I decided to use reverse stockinette allover, with 2x2 ribbing on the hems.

So far, all I have is the ribbing on the back, which will be the same solid reverse stockinette, but I look forward to sharing updates as it grows!
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