Glocinella Stitch Counts

Around Christmas I discovered the Lacis website and decided I needed to enhance my lace knitting library with a few new books. One of them was the Knitted Lace Designs Of Herbert Niebling, (translated by Eva Maria Leszner) which I have been oogling for a number of years. Naturally, once it arrived I cast on a shawl at the first opportunity. That was around the end of January, and now just over a month later, I'm approximately half way through the pattern. I know this because I finally took the time to calculate the number of stitches in each row and the pattern overall and was rather disappointed that by round 171 of 236, I am only half way through. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna have enough yarn in this cone to finish.

For the curious, there are 144,504 total stitches in this pattern, Glocinella. I'm knitting it with 2ply lace and US5 needles (with a 60 in cable that is woefully insufficient for stretching out the pattern) and it's going to be flipping enormous. Here is a progress picture of the work up to round 171 (which has 768 stitches in that round alone).

Back to the knitting, obviously it's gonna be awhile before this one is marked off the list 😅

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