FO Alert: Roosimine Sweater

What can I say - I love absolutely everything about this sweater. From the yarn base - lolodidit Baby Got Yak (Merino/Yak/Silk) - to the colorway - Elayne (inspired by the Wheel of Time series) - to the tunic length and the new-to-me colorwork technique of Roosimine. This sweater was an absolute joy to knit!

Roosimine is a colorwork technique that uses contrast floats on top of your main color stitches to create the pattern. Typically you either use a heavier weight contrast yarn so the pattern stands out, or you can hold your contrast yarn double. Since the sweater itself was knit in fingering weight yarn, I opted for DK for the contrast yarn. Another bonus - since the contrast stitches aren't knit into the pattern, it uses very little yarn! As in, for this entire central panel, I used 40yds, or 16g of yarn! Less than one mini skein! 

For this sweater, I used my trusty CustomFit tunic base, and the Roosimine instructions and chart from Aleks Byrd's pattern Kilp from her book Traditions Revisited: Modern Estonian Knits. Knitting this sweater was an absolute blast, and I would definitely use Roosimine in another pattern. 

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