FO Alert: Kaia

This bad boy has been languishing in the WIP pile since October 2019! In fact, when I picked it back up again recently, it had been so long that I couldn't even pick up where I left off. I frogged the whole thing and ended up starting all over again. The pattern is Kaia, by Zoya Matyushenko. It's actually a doily pattern, but I like to work up her patterns in fingering weight wool to make a good sized circular shawl.

My streak of being terrible at guessing how much yarn one of these crochet patterns will use continues. This time I used a 150g skein of Sunrise Fiber Co. Mega Twist MCN in the colorway Winter Dusk, and it because very clear in those final rows that I was not going to have enough. I switched to alternating between the MCN and a skein of Sunrise Fiber Co. Classic Sock (100% merino) in the colorway Deep Space for the last half dozen rows. The two blended together pretty well, but you may notice that the outer edge has quite a bit more blue than the interior 😊

Despite my false starts and nearly running out of yarn, I am very pleased with how this project turned out! I don't crochet a whole lot, but I truly love these Zoya patterns and look forward to completing another one soon!

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