FO Alert: Dittany Shawl (Laceweight version)

One of my favorite aspects about knitting a lace shawl is when you can adapt a pattern to the yarn you have available. Designing a pattern with a repeatable section to increase/decrease the size based on yarn weight, putup, or number of skeins is practically magical to me. That's one of the reasons I like to knit my patterns in various weights and include directions for multiple different weights. For my newest pattern (which is currently in testing and will be ready to be released very soon!) I give the options for fingering or lace weight, and repeatable charts that have two different stopping points depending on how much yarn you have available. This is even more important when designing a pattern for a gradient colorway. It lets the knitter decide where to transition to be able to maximize their yarn usage.

To that end, I chose a gradient skein for my laceweight knit through of this pattern. This yarn is from my favorite gradient dyer - Wendy's Wonders - and I loved the large gray and white section for the frost flowers, as it gradually faded into the purple of the dittany flowers. 

The highly textured frost flowers stitch pattern of the body really popped in the laceweight, and I loved being able to get extra repeats out this skein. And once again I was able to deliberately start the edging as the gradient reached the purple, which really highlights the color and pattern shift.  Stay tuned for the release of this pattern very soon!
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