FO Alert: Christmas Sweater

I've never knit a seasonal sweater before, but when I saw the colorway O Holy Night on Divine Yak from lolodidit, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.

I took inspiration from some colorwork sweaters online, but ultimately I decided to use my basic CustomFit DK sweater recipe and design colorwork charts myself. I used the O Holy Night for the bottom main color, then added a Latvian braid to separate the top and bottom. The Lolo team has a series of colorways in their Hippo collection, which are essentially speckles on a light gray base. She also consistently offers "Naked Hippo" or just the light gray base colorway. This is what I used for the main color on top, but with the yak in the yarn base, it comes out as a delightful grey-brown color.

I started with the sweater back and a smaller tree motif. About halfway through, I decided it was kind of difficult to see the contrast between the two colors in a small motif, so I designed the larger pattern for the front. Ultimately I decided to keep the small trees on the back, and I love the two different patterns in this sweater!

I'm very happy with my Christmas sweater, and I look forward to wearing it in years to come! 
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