FO Alert: Calypso Sweater

Sometimes a colorway just jumps out at you and you have to knit it up right away. Admittedly, this doesn't happen to me super often, as evidenced by my rather large and somewhat embarrassing stash. But when the ladies of Evergreen Fiber Works released the colorway Calypso, I knew I wanted it to be a sweater.



As soon as I wrapped up my previous sweater project, I wound up the Cedar Sock yarn I bought and cast on this garter stitch CustomFit sweater that I've knit a couple of times now with some modifications - like the one pictured here!

It's a simple and straightforward recipe but I like to throw in some patterning to mix it up. On this most recent version, I added staggered slipped stitch columns on the front only. I wanted something simple to allow the colorway to carry the garment.

I absolutely loved knitting up this rather quick sweater! If you're interested in this colorway, it's available on the EFW website, dyed to order on any of their bases. Happy knitting!

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