WIP: Florida Gators Herringbone Scarf

I love custom project requests because I absolutely love working with people to make a bespoke wearable that is as meaningful to them as it is to me. Recently a coworker reached out to see if I could create a custom scarf for a gift for her husband, and UF alum. She wanted a Florida Gators scarf and I proposed a woven pattern rather than knit. She also mentioned he had an affinity for herringbone patterned flat caps, and so a plan was born to make a herringbone scarf in orange and blue.

After finding the right colored wool for the scarf (surprisingly, I did not have the right shade of orange in my embarrassingly large stash), we agreed the orange could be the warp on this weft-facing pattern to make the blue the more prominent color. 

I warped a rather long scarf on my Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom, and I'm using a pick up stick to create the twill pattern, while using the heddle as the beater only. It's been a good five or so years since I've woven anything, so it has taken me a bit to get back into the swing, especially with the warping, tying and winding on, and keeping my edges even. Despite all that, I've got about 18 inches woven so far and I'm very pleased with how it is going!

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