Seaming reverse stockinette...

...kinda sucks.

Look, I know I extolled the virtues of seamed sweaters, like, what, 5 days ago? Yeah. 

Reverse stockinette can bite me. I re-did the straight side seam 3 times before I was able to get the edges to align. But I must have gotten used to it eventually, because the second side seam went much better (only one try).

But then..set in sleeves. Look. I can see what I'm doing with stockinette. I can tell exactly where to pick up the next bar to mattress stitch. I've even been known to successfully seam a garter stitch sweater. But this reverse stockinette thing is HARD.

I finally got through all the seaming but it took what felt like forever.

I'm working on the neckline now and expect to finish tonight, but I'll wait until morning to get FO pictures. Coming soon!

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