New Project, New Technique: Koch Fractal

I am so excited to have finally begun one of Kulabra Designs dumbfounding stacked stitch colorwork patterns. The patterns are worked in simple stripes, which is basically the only kind of colorwork I can handle, but uses incredibly clever increases and decreased to manipulate a single row into a completely mind-bending and fascinating trek to create the most incredible design. It is blowing my mind and I'm completely obsessed.

For my first foray into this new technique, I have opted to use some leftover laceweight yarn and US1.5 (2.5mm) needles to make a straightforward scarf. I hope eventually to be able to apply these different stitch patterns to projects like sweaters (EGADS) and shawls, but let's begin at the beginning, shall we? 

I already had to rip out my first attempt because my repeats did not line up properly. There is definitely a level of concentration required here that I'm not wholly accustomed to. But on my second attempt I think I have a handle on where I can put some stitch markers to make sure I'm counting properly when doing my increase/decrease columns and so far so good. 

One thing I'd really like to try to figure out is how I can chart these designs because reading written instructions has never really worked for me. But with the stacked stitches and the rapid increases and decreases, I am having a bit of a struggle with the concept. I'm hoping that over the course of this scarf and the many, many repeats it will require, I will be able to wrap my brain around it though! 

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