FO Alert: Vestland Shawl

Vestland Shawl by Anne-Lise Maigaard; Yarn - Evergreen Fiber Works Juniper Lace - Obsidian (100g/875 yds) and Potion Yarns BFL/Silk - Samhain (49g/427 yds)

I had some trouble with this shawl, re-knitting it a couple of times 😅 The first time, I didn't repeat the top leaf section enough, and got near the end of the edging with nearly half the skein left. I didn't put in a lifeline either, so I had to do some careful stitch surgery to rip back to where I could add additional repeats.

Once I did that, I made the decision to add 2 more repeats of the leaf pattern, and by the time I got to the edge charts again, it was very clear that 2 was one too many. Rather than ripping back again and wasting all that effort, I decided to go stash diving to find a similar skein to finish out the shawl. Because what kind of person has 2 skeins of black lace yarn? I actually had another potential match, but I opted for the Potion Yarn to finish it off because both skeins had a silk component. So yeah, 3 skeins of black lace. "Medium crazy" as a friend of mine has now dubbed me.

I'm very happy with this final product, and it ended up being rather enormous! I love the textured stitches and the interminable picot bind off and the fact that I knit over 1300 of black lace. Love, love, love!!

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