FO Alert: Sunlit Night Blossoms

My book club friends and I have been thoroughly enjoying our reading of Sarah J. Maas' A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and I thought it would be a perfect time to use my ACOTAR inspired yarn from Weird Sisters Wool Emporium. I love these ladies' colorways and the fact that they have extensive yarn bases to choose from to dye those colorways on demand! I picked their colorway The Court of Dreams on Shelly (SW Merino/Silk lace) to knit Night Blossoms by Romi Hill.

I was marginally worried that the colorway may have too much variegation for the lace while I was knitting it, but as we all know, blocking is magical, and once the pattern opened up, it was clear the yarn was perfect for it.

The pattern was a very interesting knit, and consisted of three wedges outlined by repeating leaves. I liked this pattern for a shawl inspired by Velaris, with its diamonds at the top like stars and the leaves and flowers of night blooms that belie the hidden city that shines at night.

I will share a rare blocking photograph of this shawl because of its interesting construction, which I can't quite display on the mannequin. I like the way it looks laying flat, so just ignore the mismatched blocking mats and all the pins 😂

Also, after knitting up this colorway, I decided I need to partake of two other ACOTAR colorways from the Weird Sisters, so more fandom themed shawls will be forthcoming!

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