FO Alert: Sprout

It's been awhile since I've written, but things have been just so busy! My birthday was last week, and this week I am traveling to Florida for work, to meet up with my team for the first time and officially kick off our new implementation project! I expect my knitting and reading pace to slow now for the rest of the year, but hopefully I'll still have lots of pretty things to share with y'all.

Today I finally got some photos of the quick shawl I knit to use up the other half of the gradient skein that was left after I finished the Soli Deo Gloria shawl. The gradient pattern is yellow-green-teal-brown, and Soli Deo Gloria only used the first two colors. 

Since I didn't want to start with the remaining green to teal transition, I decided I needed to find a bottom-up pattern that could use around 400 yards. Since the yarn is lace weight, I knew that I would be able to use a relatively large needle size with a relatively small amount of yarn, and still end up with a decent sized shawl. And anytime I think of a bottom-up shawl pattern, naturally I think of Kitman!

Now, I've had my fair share of bad luck with Kitman patterns. I am absolute crap at estimating whether I can afford to make the larger sized shawl, or estimating how many extra repeats I can cast on without losing yarn chicken. Almost every time I've knit one of her patterns I either run out of yarn, or end up with an absurd amount left over. Not so this time, as I knew I only had half a skein or thereabouts to play with, I intentionally selected one at the small end of the spectrum and I was extremely pleased with the final size and location of the brown-to-teal transition!

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