FO Alert: Shuttlecocks

Yes, you read that right. Shuttlecocks. Come at me.

If you've ever lived in or been a tourist to the Kansas City area, you're probably familiar with massive shuttlecocks on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery, one of the iconic symbols of my hometown. Many years ago, a now-defunct dyer had a Kansas City colorway collection, and among those was a Shuttlecocks colorway! My skein is on a linen/silk heavy lace base, and I decided a shuttlecock inspired lace pattern was the order of the day. A bit on the nose, perhaps, but hey, we're paying homage here! The pattern was inspired by Inola by Pariser Landluft, but I adapted it to be a top-down pattern with a center spine. 

I stalled on the knitting back in 2017, but when I was having struggles with my Koch Fractal scarf, I decided to go diving in the UFO (unfinished objects) pile and came up with this guy. I finished it off and it came off the blocking mats today, so here we are! There was a serious game of yarn chicken near the end, which somehow just seems so very apt.

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