FO Alert: Moiraine Malgven

My most recent finished object is a celtic cable shawl, Malgven, by Lucy Hague. This shawl was the first time I used lolodidit Baby Got Yak, a merino/yak/silk blend that is AMAZING. I'll admit, I've recently enhanced my stash quite a bit with lolodidit yarn, and this base is one giant reason for that!

I am a huge fan of teals, so I bought three skeins of Moiraine (inspired by the Wheel of Time series) with the idea of making a large circular shawl. This actually turned out a bit smaller than I was hoping for, but used roughly two and a half of those skeins so I wouldn't have been able to go much bigger. Despite the smaller size, I absolutely LOVE how this shawl turned out. Cabled projects are so much fun with you can work them without a cable needle, and watching the pattern twist and turn is very motivating!
I started this project before my brioche sweater, but I got distracted by the sweater project. Once that was finished, I returned to finish up the last chart and edging of this shawl and block it. BGY is an incredibly soft yarn, and the yak makes this a gray base to dye onto rather than the normal natural cream color. This alters the colorway to be cooler, deeper, and incredibly rich, which I absolutely love! This won't be my last project using this yarn!
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