FO Alert: Marvin Slipping Sideways

I recently joined the lolodidit community and in a case of impeccable timing, Lauren, the creative mind behind lolodidit was just about to release a new sock pattern and host a KAL for it. I snagged one of her sock sets put together specifically for this pattern, and joined in as soon as it arrived.

The kit included one full size skein and three minis for contrast colors for the pattern. The main color, Don't Talk to Me About Life, is inspired by Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy, which happens to be one of my favorite books! So naturally that swayed my kit choice.

This is my first lolodidit FO but it won't be my last! I also picked up some tonal colorways on a Merino/Yak/Silk base (called Baby Got Yak! You know you love it) that I'm hoping to turn into some lovely large shawls. The yak base starts out a darker gray color, as opposed to the cream/white color most naked skeins start with, so colorways dye deeper and richer. Add to that the sheer luxury of the soft yak and sumptuous silk, and I have to admit I've found another new favorite base!

In addition to the new to me lovely yarns to play with, there's also the community that comes with being a lolodidit fan. I've only been on the app for about a week or so, but everyone is so welcoming, encouraging, and positive that I felt immediately like I belonged. As a fiber community exile, I love finding enclaves where that initial acceptance and positivity that so long defined my experience of the fiber world is still alive and well. The fact that I love the yarns and fibers and patterns she creates is the core, but the community surrounding that creative spirit makes me more than happy to support this company!

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