FO Alert: Make a Wish Cardi Custom Order!

Now that Christmas has passed and the recipient of this lovely sweater has unwrapped her present, I can finally share this cardigan! The pattern is Make a Wish by Joji Locatelli, and the yarn was some deep stash Mango Moon Mulberry Meadow in Rain Cloud, with just a hint of Evergreen Fiber Works Hemlock Sock in Bearded Iris for the pockets.

This sweater was a custom order from a work friend, and I absolutely loved knitting this pattern! It has a very creative shape, starting at one shoulder and working short row wedges with the lace patterning at the bottom of the wedge to make a circular shape around to the other shoulder. Then you pick up the middle stitches to work the back in a lace pattern. After all the shoulder seaming is done, you pick up and knit the sleeves from the shoulders down.

I also added pockets by request, using some leftover purple yarn (the aforementioned Bearded Iris) that I had in stash. I opted to do afterthought pockets, and knitted from both sides of the resultant hole to make the pockets hang free of the sweater body itself. 

Overall, I was extremely pleased with this finished sweater, and so was the recipient! Having knit this once, I can definitely say I would make it again, and have already added it to my queue to knit for myself! 
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