FO Alert: Hummingbird Heliotaxis

Giant circular shawl #4 is in the books. Heliotaxis is a pi shawl, which means that the increases happen over a single round at increasingly wider distances as the diameter increases. It's a fun construction that lends itself well to lace because you don't have to account for increases on every row.

The yarn I used for this shawl is once again Evergreen Fiber Works Juniper Lace, in the colorway Hummingbird. These big circular shawls need 2 skeins of yarn; this one ended up using 148g. 

My pattern app, KnitCompanion, also keeps track of the time I spend looking at a pattern (a fair approximation of how long it takes to knit a project). This shawl took 88 hours, 22 minutes over about 6 weeks!

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