FO Alert: Dancing Between Raindrops

Why yes indeed, there is another finished shawl! I absolutely loved this colorway from Evergreen Fiber Works - this is Juniper Lace in the colorway Rainfall. I wanted to find a good correlating pattern, so I picked Dancing Between Raindrops by Romi Hill.

This was yet another Romi shawl with an extremely clever construction. The center triangle is knit first, then the lace edging, but rather than having to pick up and knit along the triangle's edges, this shawl is cast on from the top edge, then short rows are used with progressively shorter rows until a triangle shape is formed. The stitches left at the end of each shorter row becomes a live edge for the lace border! It's a brilliant way to knit this style of shawl!

There were stitch pattern elements that I wasn't a huge fan of, particularly the diamond pattern on a stockinette background on the topmost rows of the edging, but I am very fond of the center triangle stich and the technique for the spikey bind off, and overall I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out!

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