FO Alert: Blurple Handspun

Inspired by my friend Valerie of Evergreen Fiber Works, I recently caved and bought the new iteration of the Electric Eel Wheel, version 6.0. It arrived very quickly, and I had to break it in. In honor of my enabler, I decided to christen the wheel with a braid of merino that Valerie sent me as a sample last year that I have most unfairly allowed to languish since receiving it last summer!

I was very happy with the new wheel, and as much as I've enjoyed the previous iterations (I have the EEW v 4.0 and v 5.1, as well as the nano) this one has come so far from what I've previously experienced, I was seriously wowed! 

EEWs are such a great introduction to the world of e-spinning. The price point is accessible, the quality is excellent! Obviously, I wouldn't keep buying them if they didn't produce great results. This is the first time that I've seen them readily available outside of a Kickstarter campaign, so if you're on the fence, I can definitely endorse it. In addition to the wheel itself, the package comes with six 8 oz bobbins, three interlocking Lazy Kate/yarn spools, plus essentials like a power supply, foot switch, orifice hook, spare parts - basically everything you could need in one neat little package.

The fiber was a complete dream to spin and as I told Valerie, I was very impressed that the entire time I was spinning, my fingers didn't once bleed blue or purple from leftover dye! As much as I love to use these colors, this is definitely one of the common hazards. I really hope Evergreen Fiber Works dips more into the world of fiber dying in the future!

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