Fruit roll-ups and more jerky

So the fruit roll-ups turned out so good! The strawberry ones are in front and the strawberry-blueberry ones are in the back:

So tasty! I also modified my jerky recipe again, with two different styles. I tried a siracha flavor last time, with a teriyaki base, but it just wasn’t right. So I went digging around my fridge and found some bulgogi sauce from an ill-conceived experiment several months ago. Turns out, it’s just perfect for jerky. So one batch was bulgogi siracha, and the other is my standard make-you-cry spicy (soy sauce base, brown sugar, liquid smoke, and a special blend of spectacularly hot spices). Yes, the fun with dehydration continues!!

Adventures in dehydrating

Adventures in dehydrating



So a few weeks ago, Groupon had a Christmas in July that was much better than Amazon’s sorry attempt at Prime Day. I got a dehydrator, which has been something on my wishlist for a verra long time. Since then, I’ve made a ton of beef jerky, brussels sprouts chips, and dehydrated fruit. This weekend I decided to try my hand at making fruit roll-ups.

There was a special at the grocery store for buy-one-get-one free 16 oz strawberry containers and 18oz blueberry containers. Well, that’s some timing, I tell ya! I got two of each and set to work. Last week I made blueberry raisins, which were delicious (though they took 2 days to dry) so I have some of those started today in addition to the fruit leather. I went ahead and cut up 2 pounds of strawberries, separating out the ones that look like they’d hold on a few days from the ones that you invariably get every time you buy a pound of strawberries that look like they might turn to mush if you look at them sideways. These mushy ones are my winners – they’re going straight into the blender. DH loves to eat fresh strawberries, so I put the others aside – for now, I may end up co-opting them later for further adventures.

First I pureed the strawberries just to get an idea of what kind of consistency I would get. I’m kinda wingin this whole thing, you know. I added 2 cups of unsweetened applesauce as filler, because it’s not as sugary as fruit juice, and it’ll make the fruit leather thicker. Juice was recommended by the book that came with my dehydrator, but I wanted it to be a couple of centimeters thick, not actual fruit roll-up thickness. Maybe I’ll try the juice next time, but I digress.

fruit rollups

So the mix goes in the tray, and as I only have 3 trays, I decided to fill 2 with the straight strawberry mixture, and then mix in the remaining blueberries from my blueberry raisin experiment. So I have a tray of mixed berry as well, and the remaining blueberry-strawberry mixture is in the freezer becoming sorbet (after a fashion). So, stay tuned for the results!