Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015! So every new year, we as humans take some time to set goals for bettering ourselves during the next year, and Miss Anthropy is no exception. I recently started a new job that has me traveling all the time, so with that new beginning, my plans for the upcoming year have evolved a bit. Traveling is both a boon and a burden, especially when it comes to crafting. Knitting is pretty portable, but spinning has become a challenge and weaving has pretty much ceased altogether. So with these things in mind, I present the following goals:

  1. Knit 4 sweaters in 2015. I have many more sweater quantities in my stash than this, but I think if I can do four in a year, I’ll be sitting pretty well. I also have plans to buy more SQs, but we won’t talk about that quite yet.
  2. Knit more from stash, without over-enhancing. Look, I’m addicted to yarn. It’s pretty, it’s squooshy, it comes in so many colors and fandoms…but this year, as every year, I need to pare down my buying, and choose projects from skeins I already have. I could probably stop buying today and still have enough yarn to knit as much as I want for the rest of my life. I know that goal is not remotely going to happen, but seriously, I’m gonna die with a huge stash.
  3. Design at least 2 more shawls. Maybe design some socks. I love designing, but it’s time consuming and can be kinda tedious sometimes. Especially when you think you’ve math’d something correctly but the execution just won’t line up right. I think 2 shawls is a good goal, that’s how many I did in 2014, and I’d like to give sock designing a shot. Smaller canvas, but oh so many possibilities! Plus I need more socks (:
  4. Save up for a Hansen miniSpinner with a WooLee Winder and take it on the road with me. This will help with the spinning issue. In the meantime, I did buy a secondhand Vespera e-spinner from Heavenly Handspinning, which uses the same bobbins as my Navitas wheel. So I will be able to spin on the road fairly easily, but I really want that miniSpinner. And the Akerworks bobbins that fit it (:
  5. Prepare for Christmas shopping, not Christmas knitting. I knit everyone’s presents this year. And by that I mean, I’m still knitting everyone’s presents. Which means for the last 2 months and for the foreseeable future, I am not knitting anything I want to, but focusing entirely on what other people want. Yeah, this does not a happy crafter make. So next year, everyone’s getting store-bought presents.
  6. Make gauge swatches from leftovers. This is especially true with leftovers that I think I might want to make sweaters out of down the line. I need swatches for CustomFit, baby!
  7. Donate yucky yarn. We all start with acrylic yarn. It’s what’s cheap, widely available, and hard wearing. And when you are a yarn hoarder like me, you end up with A LOT of it. So I need to find a local place that will take the yarn, be it for kids crafts or a senior center knitting group. But I need it gone.
  8. Work on filling out the heavier end of the yarn spectrum. I buy pretty much only fingering weight and lace weight, but I’ve recently been considering the benefits of heavier weight yarns. Especially in light of the recent Christmas present debacle.

So that’s what I’m going to work on this year. In addition to trying to blog and podcast more regularly. What are your goals for 2015?


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